About Us

A fusion of award winning tech, creative and fashion experts coming together to create a game-changing App and Digital Platform for the fashion industry that gives consumers control of their data and an individual body mapped digital avatar.

Using tools from the visual effects industry we produce HyperReal digital assets that exist in the real world and bring them into our immersive experiences.

Imagine Innovation

Whilst the industry has seen a number of exciting  developments in the digital arena, including animated virtual models and Instagram stars, no one has yet succeeded in bringing these technologies together to produce a viable consumer facing technology.

ATELIÊ8’s visionary software harnesses the most recent breakthroughs in AI, Deep Learning, Processing Power and Smart Camera technology found in the latest smart phones. Our algorithm construct uses the latest advances in computer vision, neural network mapping and object recognition to learn and evolve from dynamic and static data.

What would previously have required hundreds of cameras set up in a studio, taking hours of processing and an experienced technician a few weeks to refine, can now be executed in the comfort of your own home through a mobile device or in an ATELIÊ8 smart scanning pod.

Immersive Reality Platform