Hyper Real High Definition Full texture and material in high definition Pattern design and form maintained digitally Human Dynamics Real human movement applied Material movement and draping When you can’t go to the store! AteliÊ8 allows you to browse, see the detail, try it on and buy! © 2020 All rights reserved

Intelligent Assistant

Intelligent Assistant Personal Stylists Connect your avatar with personal styling teams at your favourite stores for expert styling suggestions within a fixed budget Looks for what you like Our tech is constantly looking through 1000’s of items Always comparing sizes, styles, materials and prices Auto Personal Shopper Set a budget, tell the AI how much […]

In Control

In Control Set a budget Tell the AI how much you would like to spend Add items to your basket then tell the AI to go shopping Auto checkout Ensures that you don’t exceed your budget Checks out on all stores at the same time Learns from you Choose what styles and materials you like […]


Virtual Changing Room It’s you in 3D Your true likeness captured in full 3D You will be measured in detail, no need to remember your sizes anymore Our AI software will make suggestions based on your preferences So much choice Add items to your wardrobe, to try at your convenience See recommended looks from your […]


Upcycle Sustainability Saving our Planet The negative impact the fashion industry has on the environment is devastating and untenable. The industry’s future depends on us having options to consume more sustainably.  We can offer consumers the option of ‘Upcycling’ unwanted items in their own wardrobes, making a positive impact both on their purse and the […]


Brands True PersonalisationReal-time Insights Engaged Customers Sustainable Commerce Realistic Image Detail New Commerce Build stronger relationships with your customers, empower them to choose and share accurate, up to date insights. 61% Want personalisation Reduce the burden of returns, give your customers the confidence that their new shopping experience is helping to reduce negative impact on […]


Take it with you It’s all in the palm of your hand, a store, the changing room, a stylist and your wardrobe. A New Shopping Experience Save Time Try items without going into a store. In Control Choose what to keep, remove the surplus. Personal Shopper No time to go shopping? Just let “your digital […]